“Alzheimer’s robbed my dad of his memory, dignity, and ultimately his life, and yet, out of this darkness, I discovered purpose, passion, and peace. It took me 50 years to get there and some unusual and unfortunate circumstances — but I did. So, whether you’re trying to overcome adversity, move on from a painful past, find clarity and purpose in your life, or want to build better habits right now, my book will help jumpstart your transformation.”

– Mark J. Resnick

About me

I’ve wanted to be a writer since the fifth grade, when Mrs. Blake, my English teacher, encouraged me to consider writing beyond what was required in her classroom. She started me on this path and I’m grateful to her for inspiring me to explore what has become a life-long passion.

Growing up in Norwell, Massachusetts and sharing a house with my dad and two brothers was a special experience. Most of the time we didn’t know what we were doing, both literally and figuratively, but we found our roles and fulfilled them the best we could. I’ve remained true to my middle child mold ever since, which has served me well more often than not.